Horticultural Services Inc. provide sales of Greenhouse Structures and Equipment including design, consultation and construction management. Construction types include light weight steel hoop structures, aluminum/glass structures, steel truss structures covered with rigid or flexible greenhouse plastics, and retractable roof greenhouses. All internal systems including heat, cooling, benching and automatic controls are incorporated to meet clients’ requirements.

Greenhouse Systems

Below you’ll find greenhouse available systems and equipment. Contact us for a quote.

Greenhouse Structures

  • Commercial Greenhouses
  • Retail Greenhouses
  • Educational Greenhouses
  • Research Greenhouses
  • Botanical Greenhouses
  • Light Deprivation Greenhouses
  • Estate Greenhouses

Greenhouse Coverings

  • Greenhouse Films
  • 1 Year – 4 Year, Dripless, Infra-Red, White Overwintering, Nursery Black
  • DynaGlas Plus Corrugated Polycarbonate and RF
  • ThermaGlas Triple Wall Polycarbonate Structured Sheets
  • Doublewall Polycarbonate Structured Sheets
  • Fiberglass
  • Shade Cloth: Knitted, Woven
  • Decorative Fabrics for Garden Center Structures
  • Reinforced Coated Poly for Sidewall Curtains
  • Glass including Solatex
  • Poly Accessories: Poly Lock, Inflation Fans, Poly Mending Tape

Greenhouse Environmental Systems

  • Environmental Controllers
  • Computer Environmental Controllers

Greenhouse Monitoring Equipment

  • Thermometers
  • Min.- Max. / Digital Read-Out
  • pH Meters
  • EC Meters

Greenhouse Heating

  • Unit Heaters: Natural Gas, Propane, Electric, Hot Water and Oil
  • Infrared Heating Systems
  • Bottom Heating Systems for Propagation
  • Heat Retention Systems
  • Water Heaters and Hydronic Heating Boilers

Greenhouse Air Movement Equipment

  • Exhaust Fans
  • Inlet Shutters
  • Fan Jets
  • Horizontal Air Flow Fans

Greenhouse Irrigation

  • Watering Accessories:
  • Brass Shut Off Valves, Watering Wands, Water Breakers
  • Mist Systems
  • Drip Irrigation Systems
  • Netafim
  • Dramm
  • Jain Irrigation Systems
  • Mist and Irrigation Controllers
  • Fog Systems for propagation
  • Watering Booms

Fertilizer Injectors

  • H. E. Anderson Fertilizer Injectors
  • Dosatron
  • Fertilizer Tanks

Soil Sterilization

  • Steam Flo Generators

Greenhouse Benching

  • Rolling and Stationary
  • Expanded Metal Benching Material
  • Vinyl Coated Bench Wire
  • Bench Master Display Systems
  • Eezy Grow Bench – Polypropylene Bench


  • Shade Cloth: Knitted, Woven
  • Insect Screen
  • Environmental Screens
  • Decorative Fabrics for Garden Center Structures


  • Dramm: Auto Fog, Mini Fog, Coldfogger, Pulse Fog, Heavy Duty Sprayer,
  • Gasoline Power Sprayer
  • Siebring


  • Add-A-Veyor
  • Wurdinger

Greenhouse Lighting

  • Parsource
  • P.L Lights
  • Replacement Lamps
  • Sunlight Supply